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A1 Auction House helps people save money on the things they love!

If you're looking for something new, something different, something vintage, or just something that's been loved, A1 Auction House is your one-stop-shop. We've got everything you need on our online local auctions.

A1 Auction House is Topeka's own innovative auction company. Welcome to A1 Auction House, where we have been offering amazing deals in the Northeast Kansas area since 2019. We owe our success ultimately to one key factor: we love what we do. Every single member of our team is passionate about supplying great products, offering them to shoppers at unbeatable prices, and creating the ultimate customer experience.

What makes A1 Auction House unique?

Online auctions available 7 days a week - 24/7

✔ Huge selection of items – from furniture to toys

✔ Amazing customer service

Registering to bid is easy and free. If you need help please give us a call at 785-235-8059 or visit us in person at 6800 SE Forbes Ave Topeka, KS 66619.

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