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Looking for online auctions?

Searching for a fun and easy way to save money? Buying items from A1 Auction House is a great solution. Utilizing our online auctions will give you the chance to buy retail returns, surplus, liquidated stock, and open box goods for up to 80-90% off retail prices!

Below are a few ways that shopping our online auctions can help you save money:

Give items a second-life!

Millions of items end up landfills every year and they do not need to! When you shop online with A1 Auction House you are providing retail returns and overstock merchandise a second life! Whether it's a piece of furniture or pre-loved fashion. You will find thousands of amazing deals on our online auctions.

Bulk truckload of merchandise in warehouse

Buy from our online auctions and resell your finds!

We love hearing from our bidders when they score amazing deals and even resold the items on Marketplace or through their own sales channels. Our regular online auctions give resellers an easy way to find fresh merchandise every week. We offer big brands and you set the price! Only pay what you want to pay.

Plus if you are really serious about purchasing items for resell we can even offer liquidation pallets or entire truckloads at incredibly low prices. For more information on our liquidation services please visit this page on our site to learn more.

Become a reseller

If you haven't considered buying items for resell we highly recommend you try it. Start small by finding items on our online auctions and reposting them to places like Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, eBay, and more. We have seen huge success on the variety of platforms available like Poshmark. They make it extremely easy to use and if you need more merchandise we've got you covered. Little side hustles like reselling goods online can certainly add up.

Sell your items in our consignment auctions!

A1 Auction House not only brings in truckloads of finds and auctions them off. We also allow our bargain finder friends to sell their unwanted items on our platform. Simply fill out this form and submit the items you want to sell. We have consignment auctions and will assign you a consignment number. You'll be able to see you items on the online auction block and once they sell we will write you a check. Selling with A1 Auction House is so simple.

So, whether you're buying second-hand items or becoming a reseller, we're happy to help you save on the things you love. If you need help with reselling we want to help you! Feel free to reach out to us and someone from our dedicated team will reach out to you soon.

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