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Auction Terms & Conditions

A1 Auction House in Topeka, Kansas is an online only auction house. Our main warehouse is located at 6800 SE Forbes Ave, Topeka, KS 66619. We please ask you to thoroughly review our auction terms and conditions before placing your first bid. Do not bid if you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this auction contract agreement. You are responsible for paying for the items that you win on this auction platform. 

INSPECTIONS: We highly recommend that. you inspect the items before placing a bid. You are welcome to visit our warehouse at 6800 SE Forbes Ave., Topeka, KS 66619 and request to inspect an item(s). Please call us at 1-(785)-235-8059 for more information regarding inspection terms.

PAYMENT: The credit card we have on file when you created your account with us will be charged at the closing of the auction. If the payment for any reason is not made you will NOT be allowed to pick up your item(s). Payment must always be made prior to picking up your winnings. There are late fees associated with payments not made within 48 hours of the auction closing. No late fees will be removed once they are added to your invoice.

Payment is allowed to be made in person at the main A1 Auction House warehouse. We accecpt cash, money orders, Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover cards. Invoices that total over $2,000 are not to be paid by credit card. You will need to initiate a wire transfer, cash payment, or a cashier's check. Please discuss the payment options directly with A1 Auction House. If you fail to pay or even retrieve your item(s) multiple times you will incur late fees and could even result in a permanent ban from the BigDealBids auction platform. A bidder who has been blocked/banned and creates a new account will incur additional fees.

PICK-UP: Please communicate directly with A1 Auction House if you are unable to pick up your winnings within the 7 day period. All items are required to be picked up within 7 days after the closing of the auction. If items are not picked up within 7 days they will be re-listed on the auction block and no refunds will be issued. We are not a free storage unit. If you need A1 Auction House to hold your items past the 7 days you will incur storage fees. Please reach out to us to discuss the current storage fees.

REMOVE OF ITEMS: After winning items on the auction site the items become the property of the winning bidder/buyer (as long as they have been paid for). We are happy to provide you with carts that you can use to haul items to your vehicles. We are not allowed to load your vehicle for you and are not responsible for any damage caused by helping load your items. Please contact A1 Auction House directly regarding removal of items and if any special equipment is required to remove your items. 

REFUNDS: If any item(s) was inaccurately posted or listed on the auction site and you won the item and it was clearly not posted correctly you will be eligible for a refund. Please remember all refund requests must be made within 48 hours of picking up your item from our main warehouse at 6800 SE Forbes Ave., Topeka, KS 66619. It can take anywhere from 4-5 business days for the refund to process and return to your account. 

NO REFUNDS: There are no refunds on Factory Sealed, Brand New, and Like New items. You must inspect the item in front of an A1 team member before leaving the warehouse in order to be eligible for a refund (some new items are non-refundable). Once new items leave the warehouse we will not issue a refund.

Tax-Exempt Purchases: We work with a variety of tax-exempt organizations and nonprofits. If you have a tax-exempt status please contact us before the close of the auction. We can remove the sales tax from your order as long as you provide the necessary documentation to do so. 

Liability and Limitations: The terms and conditions above may not be altered or changed without written permission from and A1 Auction House. 

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